About a year ago I found myself barely able to find my macbook on my desk amongst the piles of paper I had strewn about.  On top of this, I had a few drawers filled with files, these were at least neatly arranged due to a habit I picked up the year before after reading the well known Getting Things Done.  But all of this paper seemed ridiculous in a world with computers, scanners and 1 terabyte disk drives.  So on that day I made a commitment to slowly ween myself of all the paper.  Today I have only a small scribble pad on my desk (and my mac) and one small drawer of files, I’m not totally paperless, but much improved.  The goal of this site is for me to share what I’ve picked up over the past year, as well as interesting articles I find and also to learn what techniques my readers are using to remove paper from their life.

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