(Paper) Inbox Reduction

Junk Mail Overload

A major sources of paper heaps on my desk has always been mail.  Roughly 80% of the mail I receive is unsolicited junk, most of which is credit card and insurance offers.  I’m sure it is unjustified paranoia, but for some reason I insist on shredding every one of those credit card offers, I suppose it is due to a belief that somehow, someone could fill one out and get a card in my name if I don’t rip it to shreds.  The point is, I let the offers pile up until I can’t take it anymore and then shred them all, well at least this used to be the case, until I learned about an incredibly valuable service, optoutprescreen.  This free service will eliminate almost every credit card and insurance offer you receive in the mail, which for me at least, lead to a much tidier desk.  I recently learned there are even more aggressive steps you can take to eliminate junk mail.  Please share your techniques for junk mail reduction in the comments.

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