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Despite the proliferation of email, faxes are prevalent for a number of everyday tasks, especially in the business world.  For those of you that have to deal with faxes, you know the extra steps they introduce into an otherwise paperless workflow can be a pain in the neck.  Receive a paper fax, scan it, shred it or maybe print a document, just to fax it and then shred it – just wasteful!

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There will always be circumstances where you need to go through the print-fax-shred cycle, for instance if you need to sign documents that are emailed to you, but you do have options for most other cases.  A number of online services have sprouted up that enable you to handle your faxes through email.  About a year ago I purchased a home and found myself requiring a fax machine on a number of occasions.  Instead of purchasing my own machine or making an inordinate number of trips to the local Fedex or UPS store, I signed up for an account at send2fax.com.  The great thing about send2fax and similar services is that you can keep all of your faxing electronic and as a bonus you get a unique 1-800 fax number, if you’re using this service as part of a small business, it can help you appear like a larger and more professional organization.

When I signed up for send2fax last year, it was somewhat of a hasty choice because I was busy with a series of other home purchasing-related tasks at the time.  Lifehacker recently conducted a survey of the top five online fax to email services and named myfax as their top choice.  Right now myfax is offering a free 30 day trial [affiliate] to evaluate their service.  Drop a line in the comments if you’ve had success with any of these fax to email services.

[MyFax via Lifehacker]

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