iPhone Check Deposit For All

Iphone check deposit via paypalOur recent post listing banks with iphone check deposit available demonstrated only a one major US bank with this option available for customers. While the rest of us wait for our banks to roll out this feature, a workaround has just become available. Paypal has released an update to their iphone app that enables users to snap a photo of the front and back of their check and deposit it into their account. Since most people have their paypal account linked to their checking account, you can use this as a roundabout technique to deposit into your checking account.  Unfortunately, the check can take 6 days to clear in your paypal account and then you have to wait for the funds to transfer into your checking account, but for those of us that never leave the house, I suppose this workaround will have to do.

iPhone Paypal App [via Gizmodo]

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